11 januari 2017

About us

Providing Excellence, Experience And Exclusivity

Executive Business Private Office is the leading lifestyle management and concierge agency in Amsterdam. Executive Business Private Office was founded in 2009 by Menno lindeblad to fulfil a service that he felt was not being well addressed – a professional lifestyle service that offers privileged access to the finest nightlife and entertainment in Amsterdam.

We have an unrivalled understanding of our clients business, family and personal requirements, and provide creative and tailored solutions to all your needs. We appreciate the importance of supplying a comlete professional corporate service to our clients. We, like you, are in a class of our own. We specialise in looking after important clients and executives ensuring a faultless service that is bound to impress and offer transfers from all Dutch commercial and private airports and seaports to meetings and hotels as well as providing a 360 Degree Luxury experience. From corporate affairs and personal projects, to property interests and lifestyle matters, our Team appreciates the importance of precision and discretion, and these lie at the heart of Executive Business Private Office service.

Ask for our help with everything from everyday tasks, such as finding a reliable cleaner or plumber, to the extraordinary, such as booking a private jet or organising the holiday of a lifetime. Our major areas of expertise are restaurants, tickets, retail, research, travel, home improvements, domestic staff and errand running, well-being, motoring and sustainable living. We offer tailored solutions on a pay-per-request basis at the end of each month based on your usage.

We have experts in the office who speak several languages, including the major European languages, Moroccan and Arabic. With our global service, we help you to feel at home wherever you are in the world. Understanding different cultures, promoting diversity and appreciating difference as a source of enrichment are all crucial assets in meeting the infinite diversity of needs and expectations of our members.