18 mei 2017


Executive Business Private Office paves the way to benefits that money can´t buy. We free up your time so you can enjoy the very best life has to offer. From chauffeur services to day-to-day home management and Best Insider Tips to strategy, campaigns, platforms, publishing and e-commerce. We ensure that we free up your time so you can enjoy the very best life has to offer.


Our airport service begins as soon you touch down or pull in to the airport. On arrival: You will be met as soon you leave the aircraft and assisted through the airport terminal and security, making your transition from aircraft to our awaiting chauffeur driven car with ease. On departure: You will be dropped off directly outside your terminal where you will be met by one of our representatives who will assist you through all airport procedures and escort you all the way to your boarding gate with no fuss and no delay.


Home Management Services that provide peace of mind when it comes to the home. Executive Business Private Office has gained strong relationships and contacts through years of work. We are capable of handling any situation concerning your home. From home-sitters to interior designers and landscapers, Executive Business Private Office has experts to provide you the best quality assistance. We are happy to help you with anything you need around the house, and provide an array of experts to suit your specific needs.


No time to clean your house? We understand your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place you feel safe, secure, and more importantly, you can be yourself there. We help you to create a clean, safe environment that you and your family are proud to call home. Our team will show respect for your home, your family and your things by cleaning your home with careful attention to detail.


Thanks to the special friendships we have built up over years, Executive Business Private Office has unprecedented access to Amsterdam’s most important museums, collections and galleries. And we can grant you access to them after hours, when they are closed to the public.

Best Insider Tips, Best Luxury Hotels, Best Boutique Hotels, Best Lunch Spots, Best Supper Spots, Best Night on the Town, Best Shops, Best Museums, Best Markets and Best Avoided.. We have strong relationships across the Amsterdam travel industry, including the finest hotels, luxury properties and tour operators. If we haven’t already anticipated your every need, our team is always at your service. No request is too great or too small. We anticipate every need.

Involve us, and you will experience the best-kept secrets in a unique way. Let us take you through the undiscovered paths in the city and make your trip a memorable one. Best of all, our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are just a phone call away.


At Paradigmata Media we are continuously reinventing ourselves in order to stay at the frontlines of the digital landscape. There are infinite ways to communicate. Some better than others. Signals, signs, patterns, mathematical in design. All around us. You just have to know how to see them. How we read these subtle cues, determines the course of our lives. Language is considered the ultimate form of communication, designed to optimize our connection to each other. We deliver strategy, campaigns, platforms, publishing, e-commerce and new product development in order to accelerate change and transformation. We help brands to adapt. We work with a network of independendently minded creative talent. Journalists, Writers, Editors, Reporters, Copywriters, Designers, Photographers and artists with a signature style. By insourcing teams or individuals you strengthen your organisation at the right time.


Amsterdam Today is our online magazine for entrepreneurs, businesses, researchers and professionals interested or invested in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Working in partnership with journalists, writers, editors, reporters, copywriters, bloggers, photographers, media professionals, media executives and boots-on-the-ground youth correspondents. Amsterdam Today meets the most elusive human beings in Amsterdam, and tells important stories through immersive journalism. Reviewing hotels and dine out on Amsterdam’s restaurant scene to find the very best for our clients, we write about our experiences on Amsterdam Today.


Club33 is a (Speak Easy) hidden Pop-up restaurant and bar in Amsterdam that pays tribute to a time of unspoiled decadence. With the finest libations and a menu of decadent delights. You will be welcomed in a private and spacious restaurant where you will be entertained with special flavors and quirky wines. You can only get in with your own NFC tag, wich you recieve after booking a reservation.


We work best with small to medium sized companies or with the top level executives of larger companies, where we can offer a personal, proactive service. Our corporate clients include companies in the field of law, banking, private equity, media and family-owned businesses.


We offer one point of contact for all of our clients. Simply call, email or whatsapp us and we will take care of everything for you, allowing you to carry on with your day without disturbance. And we’ll save you the most precious commodity: TIME.

Contact us at Info@ExecutiveBusiness.nl and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements — and address them. Amsterdam is very versatile and we are able to introduce you to undiscovered paths and lead you to city secrets. So why not give us a call? +31 (0)652 792 777