18 juli 2023


ParadigmataMedia®: Media channels face unprecedented economic and technological challenges, while journalists are increasingly facing attacks. We strive to enable constructive journalism to promote societal progress. We finance and support journalistic and civic organizations that are committed to producing independent quality information, developing supportive technologies, and creating a facilitating environment for independent information in the public interest. ParadigmataMedia® was founded by Menno Lindeblad, the creative mind behind Designstudio Lindeblad®, AmsterdamToday®, FreelanceJournalism®, and ExecutiveBusiness®.

FreelanceJournalism® takes the stage as the largest independent journalistic network for freelance media professionals, founded by Menno Lindeblad himself. United within this flourishing network are over 3,000 talented individuals who, collectively, amplify their voices and wield their influence to reshape the media landscape. Representing a remarkable 85% of the total magazine market revenue in the Netherlands, these dedicated freelancers collaborate with prominent broadcasters, television production companies, and over 160 newspapers, public and opinion magazines, and broadcasting publications.

Empowering Media in Need of Support and Protection

  • Local Journalism
  • Independent Media
  • Investigative Journalists
  • Citizen Journalists
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Podcasts
  • Journalists in Conflict Zones