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Executive Business Private Office updates the concept of the individual private office. We work closely with high-net-worth individuals, families and select foundations. After years of working alongside different families, we crafted a set of bespoke tools. These
 help family businesses innovate and
 navigate the various strategic, innovation
 & communication challenges they're faced with.


Luxury has a new destination

Executive Business Private Office is selling Time, the one thing we all lack. But it is also the Hardest thing to give someone. Founded in 2009, Executive Business Private Office updates the concept of the individual private office served by a world-class team of in-house professional advisers and external associates. In today’s age of consultants, outsourcing and concierge services that can be at one’s beck and call 24 hours a day via the push of a mobile-phone button, the concept of the true private office is one with which many wealthy people are now unfamiliar. Yet nine years ago and not long out of Amsterdam, Menno Lindeblad had an inkling that such a service was exactly what a new breed of wealthy individuals might just be in need of. What makes us different is that, instead of being a private office run directly by a particular family, we are an outside company that looks after each of our clients completely individually, completely independently and completely impartially, our small team will draft in the best experts in any specific field,  a task that can be an art in itself.

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Proud to partner with the world’s most recognised brands

Our unique business relationships allow us to establish genuine brand collaborations, enriched with content and commentary from ambitious and inspiring clients and we are proud to be the long-term strategic partner of many leading global brands.

We financieren en ondersteunen journalistiek en maatschappelijke organisaties die zich inzetten voor de productie van onafhankelijke kwaliteitsinformatie, de ontwikkeling van ondersteunende technologieën en zijn een faciliterende omgeving voor onafhankelijke informatie in het algemeen belang. Paradigmata Media is ook een toegangspoort voor personen en organisaties die momenteel geen journalistiek financieren, maar wel interesse hebben om dit te doen, waardoor er meer middelen in het veld komen. Samen kunnen we de beperkte beschikbare financiering op dit gebied strategisch maximaliseren en de resultaten katalyseren naar een sterker, gezonder en duurzamer veld.

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